Air Suspension - Sully Bag Replacement System

Air Suspension - Sully Bag Replacement System


A single bag replacement for each side of the original air suspension system.

Shipped in kits of two bags, including mounting hardware.
Two boxes are shipped for a total of 80 lbs.

Please note that this kit does not include isolation valves or filler valves.

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Replacement Air Bags (Air Springs) Single Air Bag System (Sully bags)

This replacement is one large, single chamber bag for each side. 
The Air bags are larger diameter than original and this allows them to operate at a lower air pressure and still maintain the same ride height. 
They have a higher load carrying capacity than the original factory bags. 

This solution provides:
o Direct bolt-in replacement for original air spring using adapter plates that are included.
o Softer suspension feel.
o Slightly larger diameter than original
o Same suspension travel as original OEM bags. 
o Lower operating air pressure as original OEM bags.
o Same ride height on your coach as original.
o Greater load carrying capacity as original.
o Readily available Firestone US air bags.