Air Suspension - Sirum Dual-bag system

Air Suspension - Sirum Dual-bag system



Our GMC Motorhomes were designed with a unique, automatic leveling, load adjustable air suspension system that can be manually set, when parking, to self-level the coach.

The system operates using a set of compressor, valves, and controls in conjunction with air springs.  We commonly call these air springs “Air-Bags” but don’t confuse them with the collision protection air bags that are installed in modern vehicles for passnger safety in collisions.

NOTE:  It is very important to replace the air springs on both sides of coach in order to provide steady, even ride and handling.

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Replacement Air Bags (Air Springs) Sirum Dual-Bag System (Sirum bags - invented here).

The original factory air bags are no longer being manufactured by Firestone for our coaches.  Therefore, we have engineered a replacement system that uses two readily available Firestone air bags working together on each side.  This solution provides the same suspension feel as original equipment.

This system is engineered and manufactured right here in Okeechobee, Florida.  The replacement kit uses standard, off-the-shelf Firestone air bags.

o Same Handling as original.  
o Same approx. diameter as original.
o Same suspension travel as original.
o Same operating air pressure as original.
o Same ride height on your coach
o Same load carrying capacity as original.
o Allows wheels on each bogie to operate together as the factory designed them for the bogies to step over bumps and obstacles.
o Readily available Firestone US air bags.
o Independent filler on side of coach.
o Installation kit includes air bag isolation valve, distribution block and filler extension.

o NOTE:  Isolation kit is included with each set of new bags. 
The isolation kit allows ride level to be maintained in the event of internal air suspension control system or compressor failure.