Air Suspension - Daytona - Ferrera Replacement Air Bags

Air Suspension - Daytona - Ferrera Replacement Air Bags


Manufactured in Florida, near Daytona Beach.

Kit includes two replacement airbags with associated mounting hardware along with air manifolds and individual isolation shut-off valves to allow bags to hold inflation pressure in the event of leveling system failure.

Uses off the shelf Firestone bags.

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Replacement Air Bags (Air Springs) Single Air Bag System (Ferrara bags)

This replacement is one single chamber bag with waistband for each side. 
The waistband keeps the air bag from “bulging” in the middle and helps maintain load capacity.

This solution provides:
o Direct bolt-in replacement for original air spring.
o Firmer suspension feel.
o Slightly larger diameter than original
o Reduced suspension travel compared to original provides firmer ride for better control.
o Same operating air pressure as original.
o Same ride height on your coach as original.
o Larger spacers provide limited collapse distance if air bag fails. 
Your coach can be driven a limited distance on “flat” bags.
o Same load carrying capacity as original.
o Readily available replacement air bags are available.