Air Suspension - California Quad Bag Replacement System

Air Suspension - California Quad Bag Replacement System

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Replacement Air Bags (Air Springs) Quadra-Bag System (California bags)

This system is engineered to provide a separate bag for each wheel position. 
The isolation plate between the two bags does not move; this stops the “compound swing” action of the bogie and provides a firmer ride.

This solution provides:
o Firmer suspension feel compared to original equipment.
o Firmer handling than original.
o Same approx. diameter as original
o Similar operating air pressure as original.
o Same ride height on your coach
o Allows each wheel to operate independently. 
o Readily available Firestone US air bags.
o Independent filler on side of coach.
o Installation kit includes air bag isolation valve, distribution block and filler extension.
o Heavy gauge steel construction - available in black or zinc plated
o T-Skirts require a special mounting bracket.

NOTE:  Isolation kit is included with each set of new bags.  The kit allows ride level to be maintained in the event of internal air suspension control system or compressor failure.